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Perfect fit

We have excellent knowledge in the local market and a large variety of best in class suppliers, vendors, consultants and contractors, assuring perfect fit for the project needs.

Hands on approach

We are considered to be a medium-sized company, which is ideal for a project, assuring involvement of the CEO’s, fast decision making and problem solving.

We know what we do

We gained massive knowledge by fitting out hundred of thousands of SQM for global companies. We gladly adopted international standards for Project Management and Cost Management.

Project team

Yaron Levy, in cooperation with the client, assigns designated personnel based on project needs and requirements. Our team of 24 employees includes civil engineers, architects, cost managers, legal and back office teams to cover all aspects of the project. 


We believe that the client must be informed in all project aspects, and especially in elements concerning budget and timeline. We work in full transparency by providing weekly and daily updates and reports.

Client experience

We know how to be flexible and adopt our services to all project needs, in order to deliver exceptional projects, with quality documentation, and maintain timeline and budget constraints.


Schedule review

Weekly report

Design review


Budget review


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